Nick Cannon’s “Mr. Showbiz”

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Comedy
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  1. I agree man.

    I love how guys like this deal witht their haters by saying stuff like “Aw, they ust hate me becuz I be fuckin’ Mariah Carey”…No, they hate you because you’re not a good comedian. End of story.


  2. Martin says:

    I seen this Nick Cannon special and it was the dumbest shit i ever seen. It just anint funny. Nick you aint no Denzel and Mariah Carey fat and disgusting.

  3. None says:

    This is why he is still here and hasn’t had to wait. He has proven himself in showbusiness and the title is fitting I think. He is quite talented, exceeds positivitivity, he is very hard working and is obviously a very blessed young man even with a humble beginning. God has given him the gift to entertain and no man can take that from him. The lovely thing about this type of industry is that it allows for all different kinds of talent. The ability to succeed despite the opinions of others speaks volumes of an artist longevity.

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