Erik Allen’s “This is All I Have Right Now”

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Comedy
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The new release from Erik Allen clocks in at just over 14 minutes, so the title This Is All I Have Right Now makes sense. During this performance, Allen is serving as the host and emcee for the comedy club, so not only does he provide jokes and warm up the crowd, he also lets us know where the bathrooms can be found.

The CD (which, I guess, could be more accurately described as an EP)  is a nice debut from an up-and-coming comedian. He’s still finding his voice (he begins by telling the crowd how insecure he is and in the next joke has become a suave ladies man) but he’s got some great material to start off with: His story about the time he locked his keys out of his car is well done, there’s a really nice bit about the comparison of dunk humans and drunk monkeys and I enjoyed the terminology for groups of mythical creatures Allen has come up with.

As strong as those bits are, it’s the filler in between that could use a bit of tweaking and tightening. A couple of the premises are a bit hack-y (i.e. guys being tasered and lactating as a result,  filling up at the gas station and accidentally putting the gas in the window instead of the gas tank) but Allen is still honing his craft and more than likely his act will evolve and morph from what’s on this recording.

Sure, this project seems short in comparison to most comedy CDs being released today, but Allen makes the most of his time and is able to get in a lot of good laughs.

The only thing I found puzzling was where the recording of the project ended. Allen says his time is up and thanks the crow,d who gives him a huge round of applause.  But instead of fading out the sound at this point, the audio continues with Allen telling the audience about the restrooms and then beginning his introduction of the headlining comic. “Are you ready to see your featured act this evening? Are you ready?” And then the audio fades out.

Fortunately, the confusing exit doesn’t tale away from the fact that Allen is well on his way. He’s been given his 15 minutes and he used it wisely. I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do when he’s given 45 minutes of fame.


This Is All I Have Right Now is available from Stand Up! Records

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